This is an article for my scotish friend Andy und unsere Freundin Marion in Frankreich.


Weil Anfy kein Deutsch kann, Marion aber sicher so viel Englisch, weiter in English.


Andy, we hope you and your kids will enjoy the pics.


We have splittet the garden we can use in two parts. One part for chicks, ducks, kids and us parents. This is the adventure-garden. More or less 2.000 m².


Behind this garden we have a part for our two pigs and for growing vegetagles and more fruits. Rounabout 2.500m². It is important to split, cause the animals will disturb all vegetable und eat all berries from the shrubs until they are mature (?).


We make our own friut-juice! Apple, pear and and apple-pear. - You can have a look down under. Article before. - Sometimes also cherry and other fruits. But most time we make out of them a wunderful sirup. Sirup and ice.... hmmmmm.


At first: Our adveture-garden. Round about 2.000m². Normaly we have a sun sail, hanging chairs and hammocks, too. But this year it is enough like it is, cause there is a big bathing lake near by. - And cause, the masures, we have the time to go there. lol.

And here some pics from the utility (?)-garden:

Dank Corona können wir endlich wieder Saft machen

Im letzten Jahr waren wir zu beschäftigt, um die Selbständigkeiten von Beate und mir so weit auszubauen, dass wir endlich dauerhaft aus dem "offenen Strafvollzug" namens SGB II, herauszukommen.